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Bts reaction to you starving yourself

bts reaction to you starving yourself Hey , may I please request a bts reaction to their s/o feeling insecure about money because she is just simple girl and is overwhelmed with his luxury lifestyle and thinks she kinda doesn’t fit in but he reassures her coz she is the one he needs 🙏🙏 ️ ️ ️. <3. BTS Reaction to: Their Crush, Who is Very Slim, Eats a Lot. He noticed the way you were just playing with your food, but not actually tried to eat it. I don't own the music either. luv ur blog ” BTS REACTIONS You Yell At Him You Wearing Tiny Shorts You Saying He Is Bad In Bed You Grabbing Their Hand To Massage Your Head He Sees You In The Audience Finding Out You Have Chronic Pain Seeing You In The Audience (Sexually) They Yell At You You Flirting With Another Member Someone Touches You (S)… BTS Jimin Diet. Credit to the original gif owners~! <3 Enjoy~~~ :)))) Jin: “Let’s eat some midnight snacks!!! }:) I was hungry anyway. you and your members were working on a new music video while jungkook was away on tour, he knew that it’s been a while since the two of you spent time together and y’all barely even texted each other and as much as it hurts jungkook understands . After a lengthy talk and some playful begging he . request: “hi can u make a bts reaction on like how would they react if u got splashed by really hot oil whil cooking dinner for them? lol. I’m here. I am 23 and a Pastry Chef by day and a Stage Manager by night. You know I’d never hit you. ” “Thank you,” you smile back. You don’t know how, because there was no moon. The good thing is, BTS member Jin already learned his lesson that he discouraged everyone to follow his unhealthy diet in the past. and it still feels unreal to say because wow, i really saw bts last weekend. I don’t see Leo being all that comfortable with you dieting. He’d kiss your temple and try to get you to see somone to help you. Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with each member! I hope that’s okay, I just don’t want it to be repetitive. it’s difficult to explain how surreal the whole thing felt, so i’ll just hit the highlights. BTS Reaction to You Not Being Able to Sleep. Call a doctor and stop asking random people to diagnose your health problems on social media. a random and rigged BTS Imagine plus running out of ideas :)too lazy to type socials. Everyone thinks i’m like 15 but nope, i’m 20 and i’m not cute, i’m a baddass. BTS Reaction to you attempting suicide “request: Could you do a reaction where they find out their s/o is in the hospital because of a suicide attempt. It’s Christmas Eve, get it together. Your body was weak. Your boyfriend isn’t due back for another two days, so you don’t expect him to be standing there. Sorry. He opposed the idea of you starving yourself for such a stupid reason, and made a compromise of helping you with a healthy diet. YOU ARE READING. He’d ask you as to how long you’ve felt that way. “When I call you beautiful, I mean it . This Jungkook and the story and the events within i. This Jungkook and the story and the events within it are all fake. His only concern at this point would be your health. When you woke up it was like all the light in his life had returned and he quietly begged for you to stop it, that there was no need of you to starve yourself. comMy name is Christine, and I stopped eating for two weeks to. I love to write (my specialty is smut). ” You said, as you grabbed onto him and held him close. ” Monstax spending Valentine’s day with you. Hyung Line • Maknae Line. You did not want to miss it though, because it was for charity and because of your association to your boyfriend, you were an important guest. If you want me to rewrite it just let me know! Also if you want a part 2 let me know (: Seokjin: Jin had asked you to be his date to MAMA and you couldn’t wait. “Starving yourself is not a diet. If you have any request please leave them in the comments and I hope you enjoy. Author: My Celebrity News Published Date: Ağustos 1, 2021 BTS Jungkook Talks About EXTREME Starving & Diet For Permission to Dance MV için 35 yorum Armys Worried about BTS Jungkook’s Health after He Reveals He Starved Again For Permission to Dance MV Getting impatient, you gave him a bored look and raised your eyebrows. I didn’t know if you wanted separate reactions or them all dating the reader, so I made them separate. ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED And Featured On Our Channel? SEND IT TO [email protected] BTS Reaction - They Say Mean Things To You. Archive. (You as #jeonjungkook s child) #btspov #btsimagine #Bts #bts #foryoupage #foryou Nevertheless, you had been away for nearly two weeks and you had missed him so much. You observed how your boyfriend snored cutely and you could not help yourself but to bent down in order to face him. You’re alright. You’re safe too Yoongi. No dirty thoughts while baking cookies. If you are look for Bts Scenarios When You Fight Tumblr, simply will check out our information below : Both of you stood there in silence as he waited for you to calm down, pulling you into a hug once you finally did. That tasted good. bts boyfriend scenarios tumblr. bts reaction to you starving yourself. Jungkook. Jin / Kim Seokjin. And so you did, you went into every little detail about your marijuana history and why you continued to smoke it out of your teenage years, explaining how it made you feel more like yourself than actual medication did. BTS reaction to meeting their Child after a One Night Stand (w a friend) - Maknae Line 🌃👶🏻. Since BTS is always in the spotlight . “Please don’t do this to yourself, I love you and the thought of you starving pains me. So he’d make sure you ate three meals a day, of course making the meals healthy. But he’d try to do what ever he could to motivate you, but he’d really make sure that you weren’t starving yourself. ” You feel your ears go red, a different sort of blush than before. bangtan_boys938 (@boys_bangtan190) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. Not knowing how to respond, you don’t and hear nothing else from him. Search: Bts Scenarios When You Fight Tumblr. But honestly he is barely home do to work. He’s one of the more popular boy group members because of his looks and dance skills. They said mean things to you via text while they’re away on tour. “Fine. Monstax spending Valentine’s day with you. You pulled back and gave him a mischievous smile. BTS reaction to you being needy. BTS REACTIONS You Yell At Him You Wearing Tiny Shorts You Saying He Is Bad In Bed You Grabbing Their Hand To Massage Your Head He Sees You In The Audience Finding Out You Have Chronic Pain Seeing You In The Audience (Sexually) They Yell At You You Flirting With Another Member Someone Touches You (S)… He looked into your eyes and you immediately broke down. I’ve already had so much food today. When you apologized for yelling he would tell you its okay. I’m not going to let you starve yourself the way I did. The last thing Namjoon expected when he came home was you to leap into his arms the moment he stepped foot in the door . " I told him, gazing up into his eyes. YOU ARE READING. You decided to take a nap again even though you had been oversleeping. Hyung Line • Maknae Line Jungkook Originally posted by you-made-me-again Jungkook used to be insecure about his skin, his abilities, and his looks but over the years he learned to embrace himself and seeing him exude confidence and appreciation for himself made you feel excited and happy for him but that did not mean he did not have other insecurities. Thus, you allowed yourself to be just a tiny bit selfish, dragging your feet towards the neglected cushions. _. Telemedicine is a wonderful thing. Jin loves to cook for you like every chance he gets he will make you a full course meal and usually it would be the best part of your day because you loved his food but lately you found yourself skipping meals you just couldn’t bring yourself to eat. Or maybe even find them after the attempt. If you ever feel insecure he’ll always be there to tell you that your beautiful just the way you are (everyone is beautiful in their own ways) If you try starving yourself he’ll be quick to catch onto it and will make sure you eat proper meals no matter what; He loves cuddling you bc it makes him feel safe and comfortable Your body was weak. You would typically spend your Thursday nights indoors and having time for yourself, but Jimin, with his great convincing and sweet talk, got you to go out with him. instagram. You knew he wouldn’t hit you, but it was like a natural reaction. Originally posted by bangtannoonas + Bonus + The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. ” Originally posted by go2bedjungkook. BTS reaction to you their s/o not eating properly⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ ~Masterlist~ SEOKJIN/JINJin loves to cook for you like every chance he gets he will make you a full course meal and usually it. I hope this was what you wanted. Jin. . Y/N, it’s hurting me. BTS reaction: You not being able to sleep 😴 (Maknae Line) Hyung Line • Maknae Line. Sighing, you ordered room service, honestly not even feeling hungry, but knowing that Jung-nam was not a valid reason for you starving yourself. Suga: Shhh you can fall sleep if you believe in yourself. Sleeping was the only thing you wanted to do. Be well. While you slept taehyung looked threw your fridge to make you something to eat. okay, so i saw bts last weekend. BTS Reaction to their s/o writing a song “[requests are open] A/N: I lowkey cried while writing this :’( but anyway it’s not that great lol ” -Kim Seokjin-Jin would walk into your shared room when he. He would try to calm you down and tell you sweet things. “No problem. be/f9bUniIgO3wHope you like it :)I don. I find that something he’d be particularly worried about. BTS Reaction When You Are Working (Doctor) And They Come To Visit You At The Hospital BTS Reaction to You Accidentally touching their boner BTS Reaction To Their GF Having Curly Hair BTS Reaction After Your First Time With Them BTS reaction to you crying in front of them for the first time (Best friends) BTS reaction to you being a sleep hugger . Here ya go! BTS reaction to you acting cute to get your way I don’t need to use aegyo to be cute, apparently my face itself is cute enough. If he wasn’t going to give you a taste, you were just going to do it yourself. whatta dumb thing but im just really curious as to how they would act. “Thanks. “I’m so sorry, y/n. SEOKJIN: Jin would be pretty excited, as he too loves to eat. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO!Music:But It's Destiny-https://youtu. You weren’t purposely starving yourself just eating seemed like too much work. request: “Can you please make a scenario with the guys accidentally running into their s/o while they’re in the shower because they thought it was another member. Hobi always made sure you ate, slept and smiled What is going on? So when he saw that it was happening once again, he would step in. youtube. He was throwing punch after punch, before the man was laying on the ground lifeless. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell you. ” He assures you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your head, mumbling apologizes. “What (y/n) come on!”, he said holding your arms. Btslovsyou. After that, you threw your phone to the side, not quite wanting to see his reaction yet, and realized that you hadn’t eaten for hours. He smiles quickly. Here ya go! Hi! I'm your Admin M3. Request: please write a bts reaction to their s/o trying to lose weight not because they think they look fat but because they think they’re too heavy Thank you for the request :) Anyone who does want to lose weight should do it in the healthiest way, also make sure you’re doing it for yourself, not for anyone else’s satisfaction. You slowly put food on your plate and ate small bites. BTS Reaction | them walking in on you showering because they thought it was another member. request : bts reaction to taking the day off so they can spend time with their idol bf? [REALLY LONG ]JUNGKOOK : Originally posted by dailyjeons. Getting impatient, you gave him a bored look and raised your eyebrows. He turned to watch you eat. BTS reaction: You overworking *Requested* JIN Jin has been seeing you working late at nights, you work come home late at night, when you knew he would be a sleep. Y/N) " Jimin you know that I have been a fan of BTS and I know that you are starving yourself to get the perfect body shape but you don't need to do that" JM) " I guess your right the fans have been noticing that I have been starving myself which is bad for me" Bts reaction to you not knowing you can speak Korean. Taehyung: He’d hold you while you cry and explain why you starve yourself. ” Jimin shook his head angrily. Warning: Smut! A/N: All members reaction to s/o taking their hand and putting it down there while whispering something dirty and needy. You flinched immediately. He’d wait for you to agree, and would hold you all night telling you how beautiful he thought you were. Already lost in thoughts your boyfriend walks right to the kitchen table and takes place, waiting for you to join him. However, Jimin went through an extreme diet in 2016 (before Wings was released), not eating a prope. Bts reaction-Finding you in a compromising position with another member! Request: Hello ️ would you mind doing bts reaction to him finding you in suspicion position with another member and overthinking, when in reality it’s something completely innocent Warnings: connotation of sexual poses and/or actions! BTS Reaction:Becoming more body confident 🏃🏻‍♀️💃🏻How they react to you becoming more body confident in the last year (this was a request) 💜 Also side note if anyone is dealing with this and wants to. *tried to find a decent one, but this is cute and made me smile, so hopefully y’all smile too* You Starve Yourself, They Find Out (M/TW) Jin: At first Jin thought that you were sick as you were t eating as much as you used too. So you wouldn’t get a lecture. Not only from your emotional loss but you hadn’t been feeling up to eating lately. If you ever shit on yourself (calling yourself fat or ugly) he’d get mad, mad at you for calling yourself something you’re not. He’s born in 1995 and is a very good dancer. “It’s a beautiful hall. I do reactions/ships/scenarios for BTS, GOT7, EXO, and SHINee! I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as well love running it. Suga: Y/N: I can’t sleep. He slowly nodded and a smile appeared on his face again. Jimin applied for an audition in the entertainment company Big Hit and got accepted. your eyes felt heavy and you knew you were going to fall asleep so before you did, you turned your ringtone all the way up so you wouldn’t miss it when he called. Seeing you flinch, Namjoon’s eyes widened and he immediately apologized. BTS REACTION: You welcome them home with a heated makeout session. It’s not going to help you at all, you need food, your body needs food!” “No, I’m fine. (BTS) BTS Reacting to you saying I love you (ML) BTS Reacting to forgetting to meet you (HL) BTS Reacting to you moving in (RL) BTS Reacting to you starving yourself (VL) (Got7) Got7 Reacting to you being sick. You pushed a loose curl behind your ear as you made your way down the marble staircase by yourself, all eyes on you by the time you reached the bottom. be/jGGQyqohOawMaze In The Mirror-https://youtu. Both of you stood there in silence as he waited for you to calm down, pulling you into a hug once you finally did. It would be best to bring some distance between the two of you, you think to yourself, though suddenly and without reason moving away now and changing places with another member would only raise suspicion. | #POV y/n are starving yourself. Kpop Scenarios (Request are open) I will do reactions and scenarios for bigbang, vixx, got7, monstax, bap and bts groups I know really well. Your eyes snap open and you turn to find the hall’s manager waiting patiently for you to come back to yourself. So this book is going to be BTS Reactions. BTS reaction to you their s/o not eating properly. Jin is not given the credit he deserves. I would not confirm is as an eating disorder because he never said any diagnosis, nor was there any official statement, and I wish to respect that. Jin doesn't get equal lines distribution and equal screen time. com/korea_crush_/#BTS #Diet #WeightlossFast a. Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Originally posted by jiminsjamsjams Jimin: He never would have thought that you would also have a problem like he did, though, now that he sat there in the hospital waiting room he . ” Answer (1 of 383): So here I begin. Congratulations on your beautiful day. He asked you why are you not eating anymore and eventually you confessed that you want to lose weight because you hate your body. Usually, the dark frightens you, but you felt the strangest sensation of safety. 1. You looked around confused as Namjoon stood up yelling “I knew this would work, show yourself you bastard” Namjoon threw the man to ground, his fists meeting the stalker’s face. ” You’re alright. Of course, I’m safe. There was no light source, yet you were able to see everything clear as day despite the fact that it seemed like the dead of the night. Without hesitating, you made your way into the dance floor to have the time of your life while grabbing onto Jimin’s wrist, taking him in with you. “It was just a dream Yoongi, just a dream. But when it went on for longer than it should he would get worried and keep count of when you eat. Which would be you. ♥ Check for hidden infections -- yeast, viruses, bacteria, Lyme, etc. “Oh. ” You wanted to argue, but the sad tone of his voice stole your words. Never. ” You hugged him tighter, he rarely had nightmares and this was the first time it was so intense that his reaction woke you up too. When he sees that your not eating he would sit down with you and talk to you about it. You woke up at around 7:34pm and checked . He was trying his best to communicate with you using English (or your native language) when you stopped him and started speaking Korean. You were lounged on your couch watching Netflix on your TV while waiting for Namjoon to call you. A/N: HI! Thank you for sending in a request! I hope you like this and it’s what you were thinking of! ℕ핒핞핛할할핟 Originally posted by joonsoulmap. You’re safe Y/N. BTS Jimin is a member of BTS Bangtang Boys. I'm infatuated with Kpop and the culture as well. He would understand if you didn’t have a large appetite, but he’d still try . "Well they shouldn't tell you how to live Jimin. Jin couldn’t stand to see you crying and wrapped you up in his arms. A lot of people look up to him, which makes sense. The money I earn from reven. Come, on, y/n, you scold yourself. “No, you have to eat. Soon, you let yourself slip into peaceful slumber. Kim Seokjin: Bts reaction-Finding you in a compromising position with another member! Request: Hello ️ would you mind doing bts reaction to him finding you in suspicion position with another member and overthinking, when in reality it’s something completely innocent Warnings: connotation of sexual poses and/or actions! BTS Reaction | you burning yourself with hot oil while cooking for them. com/channel/UCb-bZhsAnTjdvG9Oddi-9HwDisclaimer: I only own the plot. ” Hi! I'm your Admin M3. Jin: he would be shocked. So it will be you as what they react to for example, BTS react to them Crush asking them out. Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing or just try The UltraSimple Diet, which is designed to eliminate most food allergens. Suga: he would look at you when you were rapping his part in a song. If you're hungry and you know you want to eat, then eat! Please Jimin I'm worried that you starve yourself. You're perfect just the way you are and do what you want to do, not what others want you to do. Taehyung: Taehyung would have more or less the same reaction as Hoseok. If you want to diet properly then I will help you, but it hurts me to see you looking like this, it’s not healthy. bts reactions ️ Random. If he ever felt like there was something wrong, or that you were getting too underweight, he would just ask you about it with no hesitation. KPOP IDOL BEHIND👇 New sources, articles and questions will be updated in our Instagram 👇https://www. Jungkook was fast asleep, with BTS’s comeback right around the corner followed by their world tour the boys would practice late and be in their studio working till no later than 2am. You are beautiful the way you are so please eat something”. The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. He is not put out there by the company and it is unfair. Especially since you didn’t tell him. bts love yourself world tour - my experience . ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ ~Masterlist~ SEOKJIN/JIN. During the award show you sat next to Jin at the round table which was packed with the rest of the members and their particular plus one. A/N: I really hope this reaction was not terrible, I don’t see any one of them having a one night stand with a stranger so I kinda wrote a backstory of how they know each other . Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! Sorry it’s so late! >_< I hope you like it!!! TRIGGER WARNING: I figure this may be triggering to some people, so please be careful. For some reason, you were constantly worrying about . You’re safe. Instead of eating only chicken breast or starving yourself, it . ” You let out before you practically leaped across the table and planting your lips on his. Answer: Love myself, Love yourself. “Y/N, you need to stop starving yourself. -- with the help of a doctor, and treat them. One day, you hear a knock on your door and get up to answer. Tae's Goldfish!: https://www. “I’ll make you’re safe, baby. 2. bts reaction to you starving yourself